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SINCE 1948
Winner of BRAND AWARD 2010

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“Our mission is to provide premium quality standard products, at the lowest possible rates, to promote education in Pakistan, and to use our expertise to satisfy, every customer.”
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our story

The history of Hamdam Paper Products (Private) Limited, starts with the establishment of Pakistan, after the arrival from Delhi, India, in the early 1948, Muhammad Younus Siddiqui (Late) (The Founder and the Chairman of the Company), started a small business of Book Binding Works by the name of Hamdam Book Binding Works (H.B), by the passage of time now it is one of the largest Paper Product Manufacturers & Wholesalers of School & Office Stationery in Pakistan.

The standard logo of HB was established in 1951. In a very small span it becomes the most popular brand all over the Sindh and Balochistan Provinces, and it was only because of Quality. H.B. was the first ever printed title, used for note books, in Pakistan.

For many years, we have been working on various premises near Pakistan Chowk, whereas in May 2006, we started our factory in SITE Area, to do complete manufacturing under one roof and as the construction completed in the mid-2008, we shifted our all factories in same place. Initially we started manufacturing of Paper and Board Products, which we have planned to extend further in near Future, Insha-Allah.


We believe in quality and have a strict quality standard policy. Our Brand  is the symbol of quality. Our popularity all over Pakistan is only because of quality, on which we never compromise.


We have over 6 decades, experience and expertise in the field, and our latest machinery and trained staff, make us capable of fast production, with up to the mark quality standard. We have new and old 31 machines, and a labor staff of more than 70-100 persons.

Our theme

The main theme of business is to import the Paper and other raw materials from all over the world and to purchase from local market, in order to manufacture our own branded paper products and sell to local and international customers. Whereas, we are also planning to export our products in international market, Insha-Allah.

Our major imports are from Indonesia and China, where as we always look forward to the best quality paper & board and other raw materials at the reasonable prices. We also have been doing imports from Taiwan, Thailand, South Africa, Japan, UAE, Australia etc.

Our Market is a growing market, as the requirement of Paper and Paper Products is increasing with very high pace, as the education, marketing, management, accounts are becoming the basic need of every big and small business, and the requirement of paper is in almost every business and household.

We have our own warehouses in Paper Market, Pakistan Chowk and SITE Area. In Paper Market, we have a six-story building along with cargo lift, in Pakistan Chowk we have three warehouses, one having three-story building, and two having about 3000 sq.ft. Covered area and in SITE we have about 8,000 sq.ft. area, only for warehouse. We also use custom bonded warehouses and private bonds.

We also have our own transportation trucks and other vehicles, which help us to provide in time and prompt deliveries with quality services to our customers.

Our symbol, is the symbol of trust and quality and we pray to Allah that our graph always remains upward, Aameen.

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